Preparations Part 2

“Haven’t you gone yet?”

14 nights : 11 miles travelled

No we haven’t gone far!

Waving not drowning
Waving not drowning

As much fun as a badly made follow up to a B movie, we have spent the week clearing out a second garage, unearthing older memories and dislodging more ghosts. Decluttering was an essential part of preparation and we are just about finished, with nearly all our belongings safely in storage. This seems like a good time to tell you about other preparations.

We have tried to overcome our reluctance to engage with technology, motivated by our desire to keep in touch with everyone. Still scared of skype and blagging the blog, it’s apparent there is some way to go. We have a WIFI booster so that we can practice on the trail.

Mr Kips is wrapped up and ready to go. Rabies vaccination…tick. Pet passport …tick.  Snuggling in a sleeping bag…tick. He has even converted to Lidl dog food which should be available in most countries we visit. When his digestive tract has adapted and the smell eased off….then he will get another tick!!

Brian has had several modifications to make life easier when travelling. A solar panel, extra leisure battery and new LED bulbs mean that we are able to manage more nights away from campsites with electric hook up.  We have installed a Gaslow LPG system for heating and cooking and a 500 litre box has been bolted onto the cycle rack to store bulky items like ramps and electricity cable, plus all those unnecessary comfort tools that will ease Graham’s withdrawal from the man cave that was his garage!


I have pimped Brian’s interior reusing bedding to make loose covers to protect against Kippers needle like hairs. One duvet cover had previously been upcycled to a tablecloth, and I think the mark where the lasagne dish overflowed makes the whole van seem rather homely.

Tomorrow we travel to the West Midlands for Brian’s final and possibly most important improvement…a new mattress. We have been saving a bottle of fizz for when we feel like we are finally on our way. Maybe we’ll be enjoying our bubbly in Dudley!

M x

2 thoughts on “Preparations Part 2

  1. oh brian looks lovely……. so pleased you have had your clutter um de-cluttered lol glad you are getting ther, um 11 miles in 2 weeks is pretty good going.. lol…. so pleased Kip is being ticked off…..

    good luck have fun… Helen


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