The Long Goodbye

26 nights : 1096 miles travelled : Countries visited 1

“Testing testing 1 2 3”

Over 1,000 miles and we haven’t left the country yet! We have however been tested in many ways including:

1. Testing our packing skills. Still too much stuff and yet it all seems very essential. It isn’t but we have only managed to off-load half a bag so far.

2. Testing Brian’s resilience. The past weeks have seen Brian used as a removal van and now a full time home. We are doing our best to be gentle but so far the shower tap has been replaced and the kitchen tap and fly screen have gaffer tape around them. The suspected gas leak thankfully proved to be a false alarm.

3. Testing our emotional resilience. Saying good-bye has become harder as the weeks have gone on and on that, there is nothing more to say.

Our 'leaving cushion' from our fantastic kids. Yes we really were that surprised!
Our ‘leaving cushion’ from our fantastic kids.                         Yes we really were that surprised!

Whilst we haven’t actually left yet, I have included England as a country visited as there are places we have seen, that we have never been to before ( and in the case of Harlow never want to again….sorry Harlow!) We stayed in Sandbach which I had previously only known as a service station on the M6 and we saw the less attractive side of Birmingham.

The view from Brian on our first morning out of Norfolk!
The view from Brian on our first morning out of Norfolk!

Highlights included being shown new quiet walks in the Lakes and being given the recipe for black pudding canapes by a tipsy royal chef in a pub in Bethnal Green. Kipper has adjusted well to consecutive days as diverse as paddling in streams to weaving his way around strangers on city streets.

Slaters Bridge with Hannah
Slaters Bridge with Hannah
The Florists Arms with Holly, Rob and Jonny
The Florists Arms with Holly, Rob and Jonny

Today we finally cross the channel and get down to the real action. Will keep you posted! M x

Treat of the week:

Sitting outside under a warm evening sky listening to Nightjars in Thetford Forest. However, Graham’s twitching took a different turn as he observed through a neighbour’s caravan window… “ooh look there’s Kate Humble on the telly”. Magic gone.

3 thoughts on “The Long Goodbye

  1. Don’t go for a pee in the woods in Thetford, nasty deer ticks catch you out….if you have to squat…10 Benson & Hedges come in handy for removal of said interloper….Keep up the good work, enjoyed reading it and about the contrasts you’ve experienced so far : DB

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  2. Bon voyage at last! How sensible to do the testing and interesting to see the ‘other side’ of picturesque too. I’m sure there is plenty of that out there in Europe as well.
    Feels like months since you left choir and we are still battling with the songs.
    Keep the gaffer tape close,
    Sally x

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